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AI in Healthcare Operations – A Year in Review

As we end one year (let alone one decade) and start another, it’s important to look back to understand what we learned throughout the year. Hospital IQ had a successful year where we saw our solutions make a major impact on our customers’ operations. Driving an impact with AI doesn’t happen by simply creating a dashboard or delivering a report [...]

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Combining Progressive Leadership and AI-Enabled Change to Transform your Hospital

Given most hospitals’ slim operating margins, progressive healthcare leaders continue to look for new strategies to improve the status of their system. As answers are sought, doors open for organizations to pursue new ways to solve their problems. For many, this means taking their first step into AI-enabled technology. As we enter 2019, many of these organizations are talking about [...]

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Optimizing Your Nursing Workforce With Predictive Analytics

A progressive CFO recently said to me, “we must take the clinicians to where the patient demand exists.” He said this knowing that staffing for patient demand is a daily struggle for both clinicians and administrators in hospitals across the country. There are times when we don’t have enough staff, have too much, or often we just don’t have the [...]

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4 Steps for Adopting Predictive Analytics in Your Hospital

The combination of readily accessible data and artificial intelligence (AI) will eventually transform healthcare as we know it. Many senior leaders in process improvement roles find themselves discussing the need to become more proactive in their operations by leveraging predictive analytics, but they don’t know where to start. Here are four steps to help anyone get started on your first [...]

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3 Ways to Improve the Governance of Your Hospital’s Operations

Improving a hospital’s operations can seem like a monumental journey. The processes are complex. The policies can be complex. The staffing needs are complex. Regardless of the setting (ED, OR, inpatient), leaders often struggle to navigate the environment and find ways to not only bring order, but to improve their current position. Implementing a new or improving an existing governance [...]

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3 Ways to Better Manage Patient Flow

It’s no secret that patient flow is complex. Hospitals must simultaneously address several interdependent processes to guide patients through care and create efficiency for them, their family members, and staff. It’s easy to get caught up in the details before seeing the big picture. But, however complicated managing patient flow may seem, there are approaches that can create strategic alignment [...]

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Trailblazing a Path to the Future of Healthcare Operations

Photo by wildpixel/iStock / Getty Images Joining Hospital IQ has allowed me to return to my roots: tapping the power of data and business intelligence to improve healthcare. Through the years, I’ve seen healthcare pioneers transform their operations through data. Until recently this type of work only took place at a handful of healthcare systems, ones with access to specialized [...]

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