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Hospital Capacity Planning is More Than Patient Flow & Physical Space

Hospital capacity planning also requires enabling your frontline staff Technology solutions are often described as part of a three-legged stool, with people and process comprising the other legs. While technology is the enabler, people and processes must also be in sync in order for the technology to have the intended impact on operational improvement. Without all three, the strategy is [...]

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Patient Discharge Performance Improvement: The Benefits of Intelligent Automation to Optimize Discharge Practices

Intelligent Automation Delivers Sustainable Patient Discharge Performance Improvement Our series on patient discharge performance improvement opened with a review of why project-based initiatives don’t deliver sustainable results, detailing that the root of the problem is the massive amount of information that is created and maintained manually through written notes, text messages, phone calls, and conversations, and then siloed across clinical and [...]

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Patient Discharge Performance Improvement: Top 5 Recommendations for Optimal Discharge Practice Improvement

In the opener to our series on patient discharge performance improvement, we reviewed why project-based initiatives often fail to sustain long-term results. In summary, “Without a system-wide culture change along with the technology to allow cross-functional teams to easily obtain, collaborate, and act on the status of each unit and every patient within that unit, old habits return, delays creep back [...]

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Three Keys to Improving Perioperative Block Utilization

Today’s high-tech operating rooms are a marvel of modern technology, but the planning and management of these ORs still rely on the traditional, manual block scheduling methods that came into favor decades ago. Given that idle ORs cost a hospital money while active ORs make money, it’s crucial that surgical block utilization is maximized with efficient throughput and minimal delays, [...]

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Managing ICU Capacity and Surgical Demand During COVID-19

COVID-19 has created ICU capacity constraints across the country. This has left perioperative and inpatient leaders huddling on strategies to keep their ORs open while ICU capacity is at a premium. Without ICU capacity, OR bottlenecks will occur and force the cancellations of surgeries. The cancellations then have a domino effect impacting patients, physicians, and the hospital’s bottom line.

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What is Intelligent Automation for Healthcare?

Hospital IQ · Intelligent Automation As a company, Hospital IQ first started thinking about how we could utilize predictive analytics to help hospitals improve their operational efficiency. Artificial intelligence is the current technology trend many vendors and customers are considering as a strategy to get advance notice to improve decision making. But to operationalize and actually create sustained improvements from [...]

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Using Intelligent Automation to Plan COVID-19 Recovery Across Your Enterprise

In the first webinar in our COVID-19 recovery series, hospital leaders and executives shared that although their hospitals and home states were affected differently by the pandemic, they had a common set of concerns when it came to reopening the OR and rescheduling elective cases that had been cancelled due to COVID-19 mitigation strategies. From a financial perspective, revenue has [...]

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Takeaways from the OR Leadership Summit

The Hospital IQ team attended the OR Leadership Summit hosted by Healthcare Purchasing News in St. Augustine, FL on January 22-24. The summit was seamlessly pulled together and was attended by numerous influential leaders whose passion to improve their ORs was palpable throughout the 48 hours we spent together. We openly discussed successes, failures, daily struggles, strategies, and near-term objectives [...]

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