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Striving for Improvement in Staffing, Not Perfection

An inpatient staffing manager is on a constant quest to ensure proper staffing ratios are met, and that his or her unit meets staff productivity goals. Staffing levels are often set weeks in advance and then adjusted the day-of to deal with unexpected call-offs and to better align with the current census. These day-of staffing adjustments can be costly, both [...]

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Improving ED and Inpatient Operations with Predictive Analytics

When first working with a hospital interested in improving their Emergency Department (ED) and inpatient operations, one of the most important steps we undertake at Hospital IQ is the business discovery process. This consists of having detailed discussions with hospital leadership and staff to better understand the obstacles they are facing, and to learn about any improvement initiatives that may [...]

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3 Ways a Census Forecast Can Benefit Your Organization

Recently, I was speaking with a nursing manager, trying to gain a better understanding of how that person’s organization forecasts demand. They pointed out a lunar calendar that had been posted on a bulletin board and explained they anticipated higher hospital admission rates on days with a full moon. Of course, I felt compelled to look into this theory. After [...]

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