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Scale and Scalability: What’s the Right Scale for Analysis

Last year I attended an online seminar hosted by a large New England hospital. The speaker summarized some of the operational research and analytics that he and his team had developed using the hospital’s data. By pulling a variety of data from the hospital’s EHR - everything from demographic data to vital signs - and running fairly sophisticated models, they [...]

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Small Changes Drive Big Wins in Hospital Operations

At a shareholders meeting last year, Walmart announced it had found a way to save $30 million. The savings didn’t come from contract negotiations, big data analytics, machine learning, or any other sexy buzzword. The $30 million in savings came from a stepping stool. More accurately, the savings stem from how Walmart’s employees use the stepping stool. To maximize the [...]

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Pull Here for Change: Leverage Points for Improving Hospital Operations

Systems are everywhere. There are small systems, like atoms or cells, and large systems, like the US economy or global trade networks. When people discuss politics, education, or healthcare, they’ll often mention the political system, the education system, or the healthcare system. But what is a system and why should we care? And what does it have to do with [...]

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A Daily Dilemma: Balancing Efficiency and Redundancy

For nurse staffing managers, balancing the needs of the nurses with the financial constraints facing hospitals can be a delicate, daily process of politics and compromise. And for good reason: as Peter Drucker once remarked, “The hospital is altogether the most complex human organization ever devised.” It seems only natural that some of that complexity trickles down into issues surrounding [...]

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No Average Day – Why Hospitals Should Focus on Variation

When trying to understand a particular issue — whether related to cost, quality, or the patient experience — hospital administrators and health care policymakers can face a deluge of different data and data sources. This data, however, will almost always be condensed with a convenient summary metric, namely, an average. Average length of stay, average boarding time, average time to [...]

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Engaging Stakeholders to Leverage Data

If you work in the healthcare industry, you can’t swing a cat these days without hitting someone proselytizing about the importance of data. Big data, small data, data silos, data warehouses, data lakes, data-driven organizations. It’s all about data. The processes and sources that generate raw data can sometimes be opaque and hidden from end-users behind layers of cleaning and [...]

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