As we end one year (let alone one decade) and start another, it’s important to look back to understand what we learned throughout the year. Hospital IQ had a successful year where we saw our solutions make a major impact on our customers’ operations. Driving an impact with AI doesn’t happen by simply creating a dashboard or delivering a report to someone’s email. It happens by understanding how people work and making their life better with the right technology.

With those thoughts in mind, here are three ways we ensured easy adoption of AI in healthcare operations in 2019.

  1. Leaders love mobility. Administrators and nursing leaders have a demanding job. They make decisions with limited information and are always on the move. They’re walking the floors, moving from meeting to meeting, and even making decisions from home. Delivering information in real-time, on the go to these leaders has made their lives easier and their decisions better than ever. Mobility isn’t an option. It’s a must-have to support the modern operational healthcare leader.
  2. It is critical to make life easier for nurses. The biggest fear in operations is that “improvements” put a greater burden on nursing teams. Hospital IQ must ensure that we make life easier for nursing leaders and their staff. Our solutions must give them adequate time to make staffing and patient flow decisions while reducing manual efforts. Giving time back to nurses makes everyone’s day better – most importantly the patients.
  3. Process automation can have a huge impact. Most hospitals are running their daily operations with manual processes including staffing huddles, bed huddles, multidisciplinary rounds, and ad hoc communications throughout the day. Automation can drive huge time savings and take away the ambiguity created by these complex manual processes. This makes life more streamlined for everyone involved, including both nursing and administrators, and keeps their focus on providing the best patient care.

These learnings have had a huge impact on the way our customers run their hospitals. You can read the details on how this feedback translated to customer success here. As we kickoff 2020, all of us at Hospital IQ are looking forward to the wave of new health systems joining us. Here’s to another year (and decade!) of innovation and success with our customers.