As the 2021 ANCC National Magnet Conference approaches, I’ve been thinking about how technology can support successful nursing practices and contribute to job satisfaction for nurses. This is not much of a surprise given my background as an RN and my current role as Director of Clinical Solutions at Hospital IQ. Knowing that more than 9,000 nurses and nursing executives will be gathering at the conference, I’ve pondered how Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered hospital operations management supports both the journey, and the sustaining effort, to achieve and retain Magnet Recognition.  


2020 Magnet Mission and Vision Statement

The new 2020 Magnet Mission and Vision Statement has been updated from 2008 to address the environment of care that is essential to elevate patient care and ensure nurses flourish. 

MISSION: The Magnet Recognition Program will continually elevate patient care around the world in an environment where nurses, in collaboration with the interprofessional team, flourish by setting the standard for excellence through leadership, scientific discovery, and dissemination and implementation of new knowledge.

VISION: The Magnet Recognition Program will transform healthcare globally by bringing knowledge, skill, innovation, leadership, and compassion to every person, family, and community.


The Forces of Magnetism

The Magnet Recognition Program describes 5 Model Components, each containing “Forces of Magnetism”. Reviewing the components of the Magnet Recognition Program, I analyzed the role an AI-powered hospital operations management platform can play in each one. As I dug deeper, not surprisingly, I documented that over 60% of Hospital IQ clients have achieved, or are actively pursuing, Magnet Recognition. 


Transform Your Organization to Meet the Future 

Hospital IQ provides intelligent automation in the form of forecasting, prescriptive actions, workflow automation, and streamlined communication that improves patient access, care delivery, and the staff workday. This smarter, data-driven decision making and transparent communication platform truly transforms hospital operations in ways that support and respect nurses. 


5 Reasons Why Including Hospital IQ in Your Magnet Recognition Journey Makes Sense

Hospital IQ solutions are each focused on a key operational area within the hospital. You can get a deeper review on our solutions page.

In each area, we help our clients adopt systemness to their processes to better support nursing staff, ensure their voices are heard, and improve their job experience as they do their work every day, all critical aspects of Magnet accreditation. 

I recognize that Magnet Recognition is a journey that requires deep commitment and dedication. Incorporating Hospital IQ as part of your Magnet Recognition journey touches on each of the Magnet Recognition Model Components in supporting best nursing practice and contributing to job satisfaction for nurses. 


Redesign And Redefine Your Hospital Operations 

Hospital IQ is able to support your hospital’s Magnet designation journey across all 5 of the Model Components.

1. Transformational Leadership

The intent of this component is not just to solve problems, fix broken systems, and empower staff, but to actually transform the organizations to meet the future. Hospital IQ provides system-specific policies, machine learning, optimization algorithms, and accurate forecasts help you transcend conventional performance trade-offs and achieve extraordinary levels of effectiveness and quality.

2. Structural Empowerment

This component describes that staff need to be developed, directed, and empowered to find the best way to accomplish the organizational goals and achieve desired outcomes. Hospital IQ’s technology embedded within your current procedures to streamline how work is done, and create a transparent, inclusive, closed-loop process. This keeps everyone involved in decision-making and on the same page.

3. Exemplary Professional Practice

This component includes a focus on nursing’s voice within Interdisciplinary Relationships. Hospital IQ easy to share insights everywhere by adapting to the way your organization works, wherever that is – smartphones, tablets, workstations, and even command centers.

4. New Knowledge, Innovation, & Improvements

This component outlines that systems and practices need to be redesigned and redefined to be successful in the future. Hospital IQ’s predictive recommendations offer actual operational solutions. Perform on-the-fly what-if analyses to consider the pros and cons of options before deciding on a course of action.

5. Empirical Quality Results

This component states that outcomes need to be categorized in terms of clinical outcomes related to nursing – workforce outcomes, patient outcomes, and organizational outcomes. You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Hospital IQ’s customizable dashboards and reporting capabilities monitor and analyze past, present, and future performance across your health system


Let’s Meet in Atlanta

There’s so much more to share. I’d love to meet you at the ANCC! Stop by Booth 605 to talk about your journey to Magnet excellence and learn how Hospital IQ can help you redesign and redefine your hospital operations to elevate patient care and ensure nurses flourish.

Thursday, Nov 11 10:45am – 4:30pm

Friday, Nov 12 8:30am – 2:30pm

Saturday, Nov 13 8:30am – 12:00pm