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NEWTON, MA, April 8, 2020 — Hospital IQ, the leading provider of predictive hospital operations software, today announced it has launched a COVID-19 Regional Forecast Dashboard to help hospitals plan for the upcoming surge of patients. Hundreds of hospitals across the United States are actively using this free tool for better visibility to the county-level resource needs based on precise predictions of peak hospital admissions, bed capacity, and ventilators.

The COVID-19 Regional Forecast Dashboard automatically aggregates data from the IHME COVID-19 model, as well as other trusted sources (Covid Tracking Project, JHU, CDC) in real-time, to provide an up-to-date dashboard of current and forecasted COVID-19 cases and associated resource needs across each county in the United States. With population, point of curve, infection rates, and mitigation strategies varying from county-to-county and state-to-state, it’s critical to provide this regional view.

To see when COVID-19 will reach its peak in a specific region, along with the bed capacity needs, visit

“COVID-19 presents the most dynamic situation that healthcare has been confronted with in our lifetime,” said Bill Griffith, AVP, System Integration and Standardization, Broward Health (FL). “While there are many sources of information that present national data, they were unable to provide focus on the specific counties we serve. The tools also required significant time and attention to adjust parameters to understand what's coming; time we simply don’t have. Hospital IQ has aggregated the models and various pieces of information into a single tool we can use in real-time to support our plans and help us proactively plan to support our community.”

The Dashboard can be filtered to the county-level, giving hospital teams immediate access to 60-day forecasts of Med-Surg and ICU admissions, as well as associated bed capacity and ventilator needs required at predicted date of peak hospitalization and other critical regional metrics.

“The global community is in the throes of an unprecedented health crisis,” said Rich Krueger, CEO, Hospital IQ. “Based on the valuable work of researchers and data teams focused on COVID-19, Hospital IQ built our Regional Forecast Dashboard to help hospitals quickly collect and aggregate critical data to ensure appropriate and timely patient care. In less than a week, hundreds of hospitals around the country are already using the Dashboard to prepare for upcoming patient surges.”

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