Hospital IQ Introduces Hospital IQ for Census to Help Improve Operational Performance of Patient Flow

Advanced analytics and machine learning allow hospital leaders to predict and remove operational bottlenecks to maximize staff and capacity productivity

NEWTON, MA, May 01, 2018 – Hospital IQ, the leading provider of hospital operations management software solutions that provide a data-driven, decision support system to drive enterprise-wide operational efficiency, today announced Hospital IQ for Census. This new component of the Hospital IQ software platform enables hospital leaders to anticipate and mitigate census-driven operational bottlenecks before they happen – hours, days, weeks or months in advance. The Census solution enables hospital leadership to centralize decision-making and implement department-specific action plans that result in improved patient flow across the hospital or entire health system.

Forecasting patient flow is a growing and complex challenge. An unanticipated event or backup in one department can have a ripple effect across the entire organization, and most hospital leaders lack the ability to see everything that is happening across the enterprise at a given point in time. The data from these department-specific systems — emergency departments, operating rooms, cath labs, diagnostic imaging, bed management, case management and staffing – is difficult to aggregate and analyze. Decision-making is significantly hampered due to a lack of timely and holistic visibility, resulting in poor patient flow, longer wait times, compromised patient care, employee dissatisfaction and higher operational costs.

“To survive in today’s competitive climate, hospital leaders must be able to extract actionable insight from their existing data in order to make meaningful change across their organizations,” said Rich Krueger, CEO, Hospital IQ. “Hospital IQ enables these leaders to combine data with data science to make critical decisions faster that improve overall operating performance. The holistic approach enabled by Hospital IQ for Census helps increase patient access, productivity and revenue, while at the same time enhances the patient’s journey through the hospital.”

Centralized Management, Distributed Action Plans
Hospital IQ for Census uses advanced analytics, machine learning and simulation capabilities to intelligently aggregate data from disparate internal and external sources, while applying hospital-specific policies to create both a retrospective and prospective understanding of the healthcare system. It enables hospital leaders to report on their operational performance, predict and align capacity and staffing requirements, and plan for volume and revenue growth. The Hospital IQ for Census software platform offers:

  • Automated and Standardized Scorecards that are distributed to key stakeholders to regularly review key operational metrics including ED left without being seen (LWBS), length of stay (LOS), boarding time, surgical late starts and readmission rates.
  • Early Warning Indicators that help hospital leaders understand capacity and staffing constraints hours, days, weeks or months in advance to mitigate bottlenecks before they occur.
  • Patient-Level Planning through identifying key patient populations that create bottlenecks including surgical admissions, off-service, observation and long-stay patients and distributing patient-level recommendations down to the department level for action.
  • Labor and Capacity Optimization by simulating changes in volume, beds, performance and staff allocation to implement optimal strategies without costly trial and error.

Hospital IQ for Census is available immediately and supports all major EMR systems including EPIC, Cerner, Allscripts and Meditech.

About Hospital IQ
Hospital IQ provides an operations management software platform that gives hospitals and health systems the visibility and actionable insights they need to make informed, data-driven operational decisions that improve patient access, clinical outcomes and financial performance. Our cloud-based software platform combines advanced data analytics, machine learning and simulation technology with an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface to deliver optimized surgical resource alignment, patient flow, and scheduling capabilities. Leading institutions including Boston Medical Center, Mercy Medical Center Des Moines, and Miami Cancer Institute rely on Hospital IQ to help them make the right operational decisions the first time, every time. To learn more, visit