The Hospital IQ Platform

Hospital IQ offers the only true operations management platform that uses your data to deliver turnkey intelligent solutions for swift, sustainable operational improvements that reduce operational bottlenecks, optimize scheduling practices, increase satisfaction, and ultimately help health systems realize greater revenue from their capacity.

Backed by a collaborative
engineering and data science team

Hospital IQ is a world-class software company at its core, which makes it an ideal collaborative partner for operationalizing your ideas quickly.

Robust data ingestion

Automatic system-wide data ingestion

Harmonizes ALL operational and clinical systems through industry-standard methods, including HL7, FHIR, Allscripts APIs, and Cerner CCL to cleanse and normalize data at scale. Processes millions of records every hour.

External data source ingestion

Data ingested from government agencies, weather services, and industry sources to support our workflows and increase the accuracy of our predictive models.

Automated EHR data integration

Strategic partnerships with Cerner, Allscripts, and Epic create seamless integrations to maximize time to value. Read more about our partnerships here.

A true platform

Operations management know-how

The only holistic platform that helps you manage capacity, throughput, and workforce across your health system, working seamlessly within the ED, inpatient units, perioperative areas, and clinics.

100% cloud-native

Nothing to install, maintain, or monitor. Light IT data lift.

Robust security

SOC 2 certified. HIPAA compliant. Penetration tested.

Highly configurable

Built with the large enterprise in mind. Includes configurability at every level, active directory integration, roles, and permission frameworks to easily scale across an organization.

Advanced analytics

Machine learning

Hospital IQ’s models are automatically customized and retrained at the campus level to ensure optimal performance. Includes automated goal-seeking searches for the best “hyperparameters” to improve model accuracy without the need for manual intervention, useful when circumstances change from hospital OE initiatives, pandemics like COVID-19, reduced air quality from wildfires, and unforeseen circumstances.

Simulation and optimization

Advanced modeling techniques with IBM Watson integration.

A “bring your own model” architecture

We can partner with your data scientists to operationalize their models in a sustainable way.

Learn how the capabilities of Hospital IQ’s platform are leveraged to create purpose-driven solutions that create sustainable improvements across all areas of your enterprise


Optimize schedules and utilization


Maximize capacity and resource utilization


Improve scheduling throughout


Achieve systemness across your network


Accelerate collaboration and drive performance excellence


Increase utilization and performance


Streamline resource allocation and deployment


Increase throughput and decrease excess days


Optimize scheduling practices