About Us

We transform hospital operations.

We are a team of industry veterans who are passionate about using our collective knowledge and experience to support hospital leaders and front-line managers to create and sustain operational excellence. Our work is driven by three key principles.

It’s not easy to run a health system’s operations

Understanding our customer’s daily struggles is at the core of our business. Health systems struggle to remain profitable while still providing exceptional care and keeping costs under control. Leaders at all levels are asked to execute a complex balancing act: create sustainable improvements in care delivery, access to care, and overall productivity within a system that is constantly evolving and shifting on a daily basis. It is our mission to understand those complexities and innovate for our healthcare leaders. We are on a journey to create sustainable operational improvement with a goal to improve every health system’s bottom line across the globe.

It's not easy to run a health system's operations
Intelligent automation can transform operations

Intelligent automation can transform operations

The use of intelligent automation (the combination of artificial intelligence, workflows, and communication) to ensure that the right information, with the right action, gets to the right person on their preferred device, hours, days and weeks in advance, ensuring alignment of actions and priorities across the enterprise will result in sustainable peak operational performance. With standard operating practices implemented and supported by software, leaders are given back critical time to better manage their operations, and care teams can focus more time on caring for patients. ultimately resulting in improved patient care and satisfaction.

Incremental adoption is the key to transforming operations

System-wide transformation does not happen overnight, and technology adoption should mimic a system’s journey to sustainable improvement. That is why Hospital IQ starts every relationship with a discovery process to ensure we understand and support a client’s priorities. In less than 90 days, our clients, working “elbow-to-elbow” with our world-class team of industry experts, are able to experience the benefit of Hospital IQ firsthand through the automation, communication, and predictions of their health system’s operations. This combination of people, process, and technology ensures that sustainable improvements are achieved by our clients.