7 Tenets for Managing Surgical Services
During COVID-19

Elective surgeries have resumed, but case volume has not returned to previous levels due to numerous factors such as difficulty in prioritizing the significant backlog, workforce and resource availability, loss of patient income or insurance coverage, and frequently changing state and regional guidelines.

To assist perioperative leadership, physicians, and nurses optimize efficiency and OR case volume for the duration of this pandemic, Hospital IQ has developed these 7 Tenets:


Establish COVID-19 GovernanceProvide defined, transparent, and responsive oversight of the COVID-19 Perioperative Performance Plan.


Develop Guiding Principles for Case PrioritizationShare pre-determined guiding principles for case prioritization with surgical offices to assist them in organizing and planning their backlog.


Define Operating ModelAddress both current state and future state to set priorities and goals, and operationalize plans.


Establish Multidisciplinary Task ForceThe task force reviews conflicts and provides recommendations to the COVID Governance team.


Develop a Mixed-Media Communication PlanIt is crucial to have multiple ways of passing information back and forth and to have one agreed upon source of truth.


Initiate a Daily Huddle ScheduleProactively manage current and future operating room schedules to optimize capacity and predictability.


Create, Track, and Report Performance IndicatorsIdentify, track, and report performance metrics and indicators to ensure focus and provide insight into what is effective.

For additional guidance to assist with surgical planning during COVID-19 and to learn how Hospital IQ's solutions and services can help, download the eBook: Guidelines for Managing Surgical Services During COVID-19.