7 Strategies for Mitigating Understaffing
with Predictive Analytics

Understaffing is not a new challenge, and the factors that lead to understaffing are projected to get worse. Predictive staffing solutions can be the catalyst for changes that help you address understaffing issues while still delivering quality patient care and protecting the wellbeing of your nursing staff. Here are seven strategies that your health system can leverage in conjunction with a predictive staffing solution.


Streamline the daily staff allocation processWith predictive staffing solutions, data is aggregated across systems and delivered in an actionable way so unit leaders and staffing coordinators can quickly and accurately deploy available nurses.


Use predictive analytics to understand future patient censusWhen an accurate census forecast is embedded into everyday staffing decisions, the entire team can be confident about taking informed action days in advance.


Make staffing decisions proactively rather than reactivelyProvide the staffing coordinators and unit managers with the insights they need to optimize the entire workforce proactively and minimize last-minute adjustments.


Leverage all available resources to meet patient care needsWhen nursing leaders and staffing coordinators have full visibility to all available resources, they can incorporate them into their daily staffing plan and automatically notify them of deployment details.


Strategically supplement existing staff with premium laborPredictive staffing solutions provide on-demand analytics that enable nursing leaders to optimize existing staff before relying on premium pay incentives.


Collaborate across the entire enterprise to meet staffing needsWith the transparency offered by predictive staffing solutions, nursing leaders can effectively work together to resolve staffing issues across the system rather than focusing solely on protecting their unit.


Empower the staffing coordinators to be strategic and proactiveStaffing technology can eliminate time-consuming manual workflows so the role of the staffing coordinators changes from daily chaos management to proactive issue resolution.

Hospital IQ's Staffing solution uses predictive analytics to help health systems operationalize these best practices. To learn how your organization can move your staffing strategies from reactive to proactive, contact us today at info@hospiq.com.

For additional detail on these strategies, download the eBook: 7 Strategies for Mitigating Understaffing with Predictive Analytics.